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In modern world there are a lot of music publishing houses specializing in classical sheet music producing. Unfortunately, in most cases they reprint old editions, while good for their time, is outdated and have many textual inaccuracies now.

Current level of music performance and education suggests to use music literature published in URTEXT and performer’s editions that reflect modern tendencies of instrumental performance and preserve traditions of greatest world performing art schools.

Soviet and Russian performing school is the most respected in the world. Its influence on the musical culture development is not possible to overestimate. To keep principles for present and future generations of musicians is a very crucial task. Performing school can be preserved by the music literature producing.

Audio and video recordings are not suitable for this as they are only able to capture if performing is talented or not. Sheet music format represents performing techniques and means that allow a pupil and a master to understand how to achieve an outstanding result. It is the factor that has always distinguished representatives of Soviet and Russian performers school.



To create an enabling environment through formation of equally competitive conditions at a global level for young musicians providing them opportunity to use music literature relevant international scientific and printing standards in the learning process.


To preserve performance principles, which did outstanding musicians of Soviet and Russian performing school, for future generations, embody.



All our editions are URTEXT editions. Scientific validity of sheet music is based on the most available original sources – manuscripts, intravital and first editions.


Performers’ editions were made by the best representatives of Soviet and Russian performing school, the authority of which cannot be overestimated. There are comments on three languages in all editions. It allows pupils to study any piece of music more meaningfully.


The greatest attention is paid to printing quality of editions – their format (310 mm * 325 mm), comfortable position of the musical text, paper quality (we use only Italian paper Garda Pat for sheets and sturdy Deutch paper Gmund for front page).

This provides confidence that sheet music of our publishing house are urgently required and in demand in musical education sphere and will become dignified foundation of library of any musician.

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